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I have a guilty pleasure…..I love thank you notes.THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

I have hundreds sitting around my office, home, purse and car. I have thank you notes in an endless number of colours, styles, fonts, sizes, and even shapes. I enjoy sending them, and there is little I love more than receiving them.

I believe that handwriting thank you notes is a dying art that I will strive to keep alive. I write them after dinner parties, for gifts (to both myself and my children) and more often than not, to express gratitude for the kindness others have shown me.

There is an immense satisfaction in taking the time to sit down with pen and paper and reflect on the people and moments I am truly thankful for. On the receiving end, they mean even more. Receiving a hand-written thank you note shows an appreciation that goes far beyond the conventional ‘thank you’.

When one arrives in the mail I know I have made an impression on the sender. Unlike an email or text message, a thank you note comes at a cost. Someone has personally taken the time to buy a stamp, pick out stationary, and craft each word in a thoughtful manner. In short, they have taken the time to demonstrate that my words or actions have made a positive impact in their lives.

Professionally speaking, my guilty little pleasure is actually my secret weapon. This is why there are so many thank you cards in my purse and car. I have written one after every single interview I have been on (with much success). I send one after every single pitch to a prospective client, and after every meeting with a vendor.

Taking five minutes out of my sometimes hectic life to write a personal expression of gratitude shows the client, vendor or interviewer that I appreciate and respect their time. It shows an individual who has referred my services or endorsed my business that their actions were meaningful. And most importantly, it is my way of telling the people in my life and business that they are important to me.

When it comes to communication, one of the simplest ways to ensure you have made an impact and that you stay top of mind is to send a thank you note. It is a simple, but often overlooked gesture. It comes at a price, and can take some practice, but handwriting a note will have permanence in a way that email or text messaging will never achieve.